Doing a general research of images of Peru, trying to find inspiration, we were attracted by a particular photograph: a view of the hillside town of Huaycan, home to the Peruvian weavers with whom we collaborate. An array of colorful "boxes", that violently stand out from the gray and desolate background of the hill, almost rebelling with their vibrancy against the rocks and sand.
We decided to take these colorful little "tiles" and create a pattern on our garment. The dress itself is inspired by pre-Columbian tunics, generally simple yet versatile, with a cut that can be considered modern. It is accompanied by a cropped tank that can be worn separate, an imitation of the shawls of the Incas. The pattern is placed on the lower part of the tunic, just like the decorations of native garments: the woman who wears this dress therefore holds in her lap the city, she becomes its mother, its keeper and protector.

Olga Balakireva
Anna Milada Grossi
Giulia Gualdi
Catherine Quirk
Sabrina Tesoro

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